Template Based Transactional Bulk SMS

Our SMS Panel is a fully featured to match users requirement, One can send transactional sms 24 x 7 to any registered user with an opt-in proof which belongs to Indian mobile operator. It is very easy to understand the utlities of Web Panel. All information related to sender id's , Bulk Uploads, Group Management, .CSV Upload is mentioned on the Important Information Area.

DND Undertaking

As we are following the guidelines of TRAI, so it is required to take an undertaking for every new sender id approval to send transactional sms on all numbers weather dnd or not.

Low Price Guarantee

Bulk SMS Shop assures the lowest price in the industry matching is quality of transactional bulk sms services.

Free Setup

We Do not charge money from our customers for Setting up the Web Intergace or Account Creation. User needs to pay only for transactional sms services.

Free XL Plugin

Its very easy to download and install this unique xl-plugin software and send personalize sms to your customers with their name from excel sheet.

Alert SMS

As this is a transactional sms service so its allowed on DND Numbers, but the criteria is strictly eighter urgent information, banking alerts, policy renewal, redemptions etc to registered members, no promotional activity is allowed.

Sender id's

Sender Id's are allowed in the transactional sms services by TRAI so now you can send sms with Six Character sender id matching your brand e.g. LM-SMSSHP, but these sms are allowed to be done on registered members.

SMS Validity

Happy to say that we offer life time validity to our customers, now you can consume these transactional sms upto your wish, we will not credit back any sms from your account.

Multiple Gateways

Our tech team uses multiple gateways to delivery smses so as to maintain the que's and to reduce the delivery time frame.

OTP Transactional SMS

OTP are high throughput transactional sms which are carying an one time password or code for verification, which needs to be delivered within seconds as the code is having a validity.


Transactional SMS are the SMSes which are sent to your specific customer (which have opted to recieve information) to pass on information necessary for using your product or services. As per the TRAI transactional bulk sms can only be by passed verifying the Pre-approval of message templates. These can be acknowledgement to the actions performed by a user on any app / website. Any online transaction, school information, banking updates or any informative message. Such messages are delivered to all users weather registered under TRAI DND list or not. These messages are supposed to work 24×7, and are supposed to be delivered instantly to confirm or validate certain transactions or registrations so are supposed to be delivered within seconds.

Why Transactional SMS are better ?

Ability to send messages to DND numbers easily.
Delivering information to people is possible.
SMS can be sent at any time, without any time constraint.
Free API to integrate in your software’s.
Only pay for SMS credits.
Enable IP authentication to whitelist /block list.

Transactional Bulk SMS Features

Login options on Website & Excel.
Easy to use Excel Plug-in Software to send personalized Transactional Bulk SMS.
Unlimited Validity.
Facility of SMS Scheduling to send hassle free Transactional Bulk SMS.
Facility of sending Transactional Bulk SMS by Recipients Name on Excel Sheet.
Excel Plug-in Software Removes the duplicity hence it becomes Cost Efficient.
We provide API for Developers to encode Bulk SMS to Software & Web Panels to send Transactional Bulk SMS.
Maximum number of characters in one sms is 160.
Delivery 24 x 7 x 365
Deliver to DND Numbers subject to approval for predefined templates

Transactional Bulk SMS Package

Quantity Price GST Validity Net Price (Incl. GST)
 18 Paisa/sms
18%  Life time
 17 Paisa/sms
18% Life time
 16 Paisa/sms
18% Life time
 15 Paisa/sms
18% Life time
Six Characters Sender ID Allowed.
* Usefull for Schools/Colleges/Insurance Companies/Hospitality Services.
Name* :
Company Name :
Billing Address* :
Mobile No* :   
Email Address* :  
Sender Id* :
Package :

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