Promotional SMS

Promotional messages are the key requirement for marketing any product or services.

  9 AM to 9 PM Delivery
  Free XL Tool
  Dynamic SMS

Transactional SMS

Information is now being sent through messages, all important messages got delivered to dnd numbers.

  24 x 7 SMS Delivery
  OPEN Template SMS
  OTP SMS Delivery

Voice Calls

Automatic transmission of recorded message to large number of mobiles & landlines.

  Multiple Retries
  Caller ID Facility
  Voice Scheduling

Virtual Mobile Number

A mobile number being used as virtually, i.e. without sim being used with PRI services.

  Vanity Number Facility
  Call Management using PRI
  Keyword Service on Virtual Number.

Toll Free Number

1800 Series basically used to make the callers calling cost free, it’s a nation vide service or operator wise.

  Call handeling with PRI
  Call Recording
  Automated Call Management

Missed Call Service

Generating leads, votes, support has become easy with missed call service, without incurring any cost to voters.

  Big lead volumes
  24 x 7 Service.
  Zero cost to consumer/ voter

Short Code Service

Most effective tool to generate leads as it actually charge to the mobile users who is responding

  Quality Leads
  24 X 7 Service
  Free Auto Response SMS

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