Promotional Message Route With Priority Delivery

Our SMS Panel is a fully featured to match users requirement, One can send promotional sms from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM (As per the Guidelines of TRAI) to any Indian mobile number. It is very easy to understand the utlities of Web Panel. All information related to sender id's , Bulk Uploads, Group Management, .CSV Upload is mentioned on the Important Information Area.

Free Setup

We Do not charge money from our customers for Setting up the Web Intergace or Account Creation. User needs to pay only for sms services.

Sender ID's

One can use numberic Sender-id's Like AX-40001 OR can use character sender id's like HP-BLKSMS

Bulk SMS

It's the requirment of the todays trend to use promotional sms for branding, marketing, advertising etc.

Free XL Plugin

Its very easy to download and install this unique xl-plugin software and send personalise sms to your customers with their name from excel sheet.

Low Price Guarantee

Bulk SMS Shop assures the lowest price in the industry matching is quality of services.

Multiple Gateways

Our tech team uses multiple gateways to delivery smses so as to maintain the que's and to reduce the delivery time frame.

SMS Validity

Happy to say that we offer life time validity to our customers, now you can consume these sms upto your wish, we will not credit back any sms from your account.

Free DND Scrubber

Do not worry about dnd complaints, we have managed the DND database in our application, when every any campaign is processed your account will be debited only for non dnd numbers.


Promotional SMS are the SMSes which are sent with an objective of promoting any product or service. This category includes any sales, marketing or any promotional activity messages which may or may not be transmited by the recipients name. As per the Guidelines of TRAI Promotional messages can be send only from 9AM to 9PM and only to numbers that are not the NDNC registry (DND numbers). These SMSes can be transmited by help of internet connection. These SMSes are having a capacity to be transmited to lack of people in a single second. Using promotional SMSes one can even target different locations, regions and even countries. In short Promotional SMS are having a vide range of target locations geographically and can be spread in very less time to a mass number of audience.

Login options on Website & Excel.
Easy to use Excel Plug-in Software to send personalized Bulk SMS.
Lifetime Validity.
Facility of SMS Scheduling to send hassle free bulk sms.
Facility of sending Bulk SMS by Recipients Name on Excel Sheet.
Excel Plug-in Software Removes the duplicity hence it becomes Cost Efficient.
API for Developers to encode Bulk SMS to Software & Applications
Maximum number of characters in one sms is 160.
Delivery time 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM (As per TRAI Guidelines)

Quantity Price GST Validity Net Price (Incl. GST)
 16 Paisa/sms
18% Life time
 15 Paisa/sms
18% Life time
 14 Paisa/sms
18% Life time
 13 Paisa/sms
18% Life time
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