Missed Call Service is a tool used for fast lead generation. Now a days this missed call number has gained high popularity in India. Many Corporate gaints are using missed call service for thier TV promotions, banner adds, contests etc. The best and the most effective part in this model is that the end user or end customer will not loose even a single penny for opting -in, or showing his/her interest. This is also widely used as opt-out tool for registered database. This works as a normal 10 digit number, which is strengthened with high Pri's which are capable of handeling a heavy loads. It works 24x7 without disturbing any one.

Missed Call Number is a virtual 10 Digit Local number for any operator/ circle across India is served where any mobile / landline number can make a call which automatically disconnected after a single ring. Its totaly free of charge for the end user. This miss call data automatically updated in the data base. The Caller is also acknowledged with a instant SMS regarding the completion of process.

Pack Cost GST Net Amount Payment Option
6 Months
12 Months
GST 18%
  • Missed Call Data Management
  • Auto Reply Sms
  • Welcome Sms
  • Reports
  • Number of Choice

Missed Call Service is commonly used in many sectors with different variations, some are as under:

Followers : One can use missed call service for polling, for managing number of followers, so as to manage the counts and number of responses managed.

Leads Management : Manage a lead, as this is free of charge for the customer. So, any one can respond on the lead, so all potential customers are with you.

This is also utilized for registering mobile number with an opt-in service or campaign, just give missed call and now you are a part of the campaign or list of groups.

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